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Homemade and natural remedies for good sleep

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Homemade and natural remedies for good sleep

Did you know that we have many natural options to improve how we sleep? When we notice that we can not sleep well or that we have insomnia, often home remedies are our lifeboats in the sea of ​​sleepless nights. Home remedies, “grandma’s” methods are the first step we try to solve the problem. What are these natural remedies to sleep well? Today we summarize some of the best known.

Our day to day is long and in practice we have almost no notion of time after long hours at work, family and social obligations etc. Y. . Do you know what? We do not usually give time to recharge one hundred percent our battery, that is, to rest and sleep what we need. On the other hand, we usually agree to do it with our mobile device. So when the sun goes down and we’re finally home, and the time is coming to go to bed to recharge energy, our body is not for the work of sleeping, and sometimes, it is impossible to find the OFF button. That is when many people turn to natural home remedies to sleep well.

What do you think if we stop seeing good and relaxed sleep as a luxury and we get down to work with these remedies for insomnia?

Natural remedies for sleeping

To activate our sleep-regulating hormone, melatonin, that hormone so capricious to satisfy for some, these are the solutions that nature offers us:

Cup of milk Drinking a cup of warm milk with honey and a pinch of cinnamon powder is the advice of the grandmother that many of us carry out, almost to the letter. It is a simple method that basically helps to relax thanks to the moment of disconnection that provides a warm drink before sleeping. Milk is also a source of tryptophan, an amino acid that intervenes in the formation of serotonin, which in turn regulates melatonin, known as the sleep hormone.

Proteins and carbohydrates. According to a doctor specializing in sleep disorders those foods that combine protein and carbohydrates are foods that help you sleep better. For example, it can be a whole wheat cookie, a small portion of cheese, etc.

Lavender. This plant is traditionally considered a natural relaxing, although in reality, its effects are more in the sense that it provides a relaxing environment: its delicious aroma reminds of the Mediterranean. Lavender has several uses: 1) Sometimes sleep accompanied by a good scent influences the rest, therefore, a natural remedy to sleep well is to put a sprig of lavender under the pillow; 2) Take an infusion that you can either buy or make yourself and 3) Lavender essential oil, which you can see in our article: “Home remedies for insomnia: aromatherapy”

Cherry juice One of the home remedies for fast sleep is the cherry juice because it makes melatonin levels rise, which is perfect for nullifying insomnia, or jet lag problems. Here you have a very practical and delicious anti-insomnia recipe, and at the very least, you will be happy to go to sleep. It is prepared in a very simple way, will: clean cherries, remove the seeds, throw sugar or any other sweetener and water to taste. Et voilà! We will obtain our “tank of war” against insomnia with cherry flavor

Valerian. This herb has scientifically proven efficacy to improve sleep and relax and relieve nerves. Many of the remedies for insomnia that are sold in the pharmacy contain valerian. Valerian can also be taken as an infusion that can be bought or prepared at home. Now, valerian as an infusion is usually found combined with other herbs, since by itself its taste is not very pleasant. Or it is presented in valerian tablets, which contains the plant’s root extract.

Chamomile. The infusion of chamomile has many properties: muscle relaxation, helps digestion. . . If you want to make your own infusion of chamomile you can use the dried flowers of chamomile with boiling water and ready. And if you want you can have a little honey or squeeze a bit of lemon. All these options are excellent home remedies to sleep well all night.

Hop. Everyone knows that hops are one of the main ingredients of beer, but what not everyone knows is that it has traditionally been used as a sedative for nervousness, stress and insomnia. There are infusions and other natural remedies for insomnia that contain hops.

Eye! These are some of the most common traditional and natural remedies for good sleep. However, trying some of these home remedies for sleep does not mean that insomnia will vanish like when the fog clears when the sun goes down: sometimes the subject is more complicated and you have to find out the cause of the problems of dream. In addition, if the situation lengthens, we must carry out a series of changes in our habits: you can consult our decalogue of the dream to know the 10 rules against insomnia that you can apply. In other words, just like losing weight requires a good diet and exercise daily; Having a dream worthy of the effort we have each day depends on certain routines. Our well-being requires our attention and efforts, which in the long term will influence our life and our health. And remember that if in spite of everything does not work, we do not sleep well during a long season or it affects us in our day to day, it is good to consult with the doctor or at our pharmacy to help us to alleviate it and diagnose it

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